day off #1.

(Frog Girl hanging out on our rock wall, enjoying the sunrise.)

I got so much done today! :) Of course, that’s partly because I was up and caffinating myself by 630am. Yep, Jessica, queen of the 1pm day off sleep-in was up, caffinated and cutting up fabric and felt by 7am. It was beautiful, actually. The sky was clear, the sun just rising, the birds chirping, the humidity not yet decending. And I just LOVE LOVE LOVE puttering about the house. A little cleaning here. A little sewing there. A little internet now and again. :) *sigh* Yep. Today was perfectly heaven!!

So … what did I get done today?
* Cut up felt for an ice cream ornament (which I would have finished if I had brown seed beads for the sprinkles … hopefully tomorrow I will have a completed item and a picture for you!)
* Wedding invitations ordered.
* Shower planned with Dave’s mum.
* Couple of new pictures of Frog Girl
* Started work on a new quilt for a present.
* Dusted most of the downstairs.
* Swept all the floors.
* Cleaned the downstairs bathroom.
* Purchased a couple of curtains for my office and a bathroom.
* Watered all the plants.
* Made copious lists for tomorrow and the rest of the month.

:)  I have a boat load of more things I want/need to do tomorrow … but I am really pleased with how much I got done today! :)  Here’s to tomorrow being just as productive.


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