blogging fail.

newest teddy ami

so i fail at blogging.

completely fail.

i visit other blogs daily and get sad when they haven’t posted for awhile.  most of the time, when people don’t post regularly, you lose interest and stop following.  and forget about them.  and stop checking back because … well, how many abandoned blogs are out there in cyber-space??

so, what do i do?  i create a new blog home.  tag it as all things me and crafty and quilty and amigurumi.  pester my brother until he creates this site for me and buys my domain name.  i HAD to have my own domain name.  and i post a few times and … lose interest.  because i don’t have a “following”.  i lack readers.  and real commenters.  i get plenty of spam … but no real real.  and then i lament the fact that i don’t have a blog and “traffic”.

because, you know, i expect things to be instantaneous.

i expect to start a blog … and IMMEDIATELY have a thousand dedicated followers who comment constantly on the wittiness of my posts and amazing-ness of my talent and craft skills.

unfortunately, i’ve always been this way.  if  i am not perfect at it immediately, i lose interest.  i hate that about me … and have tried hard, in a crafty sense, to never let that be the case.  try to relax and see the improvement over time rather than lamenting over my less-than-perfectness.

my very first attempt at ami
my most recent ami … of my own pattern. i think i am improving a bit, no?

so, i am trying again.  i am dusting this ol’ blog off and am recommitting myself to the blogosphere.  i WILL figure out how to put my pictures into galleries (one of the things that annoyed me to the point of closing my laptop and walking away).  altho i may not be able to commit to daily posts … i am committing to posting more regularly than once a month.  i will blog about me, my struggles, my crafty pursuits.  i will take more pictures (because i ALWAYS want to do that!!) and post them.  i know what i want my blog-space to be like and look like … and i plan to do whatever it takes to make it that way!!!


so …

here we go! :)

follow and comment on me, gosh darn it! :)


4 responses to “blogging fail.”

  1. I’m going to check in periodically and make sure you are keeping to your commitment! Keep up the good work in the crochet world too.I love seeing photos of your creations!

    P.S. I blog too (about my daughter) and I know how hard it is to keep it up and keep it interesting.

  2. Good luck keeping up with your blog! I’ve failed at mine…

  3. I love you ami with the hat and scarf…so darn cute! I fail at blogging too. I found a good way to drive traffic ongoing is to post tutorials…that’s the only way I get new traffic. Good luck with your blog!

  4. you are amazing!!!!!!! i love that your stuff bridges the gap between daggy grandma and cool, funky and cute.

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