i do vacations SO well.


today is the last day (sniff!) of my last vacation until my honeymoon.  WHICH IS ONLY LIKE 90+ DAYS AWAY AND I STILL HAVE NO IDEA WHERE WE ARE GOING.  but i am TOTALLY not stressing about that or the other zillion of wedding things we have to do in the next 3 months.  :)

we had a fabulous time at W’s over the weekend, as always.  it made me want to make more progress in the house … curtains, rugs … the little touches that will make it feel like home and not so echo-y.  but i am having a REALLY hard time finding curtains for our windows.  every window is a different measurement.  i just don’t understand it.  i’m thinking i am going to have to try sewing them myself … or buying some and altering them.  not sure … ANYWAY, while in PA we went to an arts festival on saturday and a craft show on sunday … and we found the home and studio of  Bill Coleman, an amazing photographer.  we spent … a few dollars on a few of his prints. :)  we also bought some stuff for the house on sunday at the craft show.  it was an expensive weekend … but amazingly fun and relaxing.

yesterday was my birthday (33! gasp!).  mom and i had lunch at Sally Lunn’s in Chester … dave and i had dinner at the Inn in town.  LOTS of yummy food was consumed.  :)  and dave bought me some awesome kawaii presents – a kitty bank, a rilakkuma camera case, and two happy animal bento boxes!!!  :)  looking forward to celebrating with my family on sunday.  :)

i spent all day today crocheting … and i messed up TWO projects.  yep.  everything i worked on, i messed up.  *sigh*.  i hate that because it feels like, in a way, i wasted the whole day.  but … i am trying not to think that way … and just keep plowing through.  i really want to get a few crocheted goodies into the shop by the end of the summer … so i will just work hard and not dwell on the mistakes.  :)

and so … it’s back to work tomorrow.  i am trying very hard not to let it get me down … especially since my last visit with Chris went so well.  i have to constantly remind myself to relax and take it easy and … that, hey, ITS NOT THAT BAD!!!!  hehe.  but if i don’t worry about work, what do i worry about?  oh maybe my weight, the wedding, the honeymoon, kids, stay at home mom things, craft business … ok, i’ll stop right there.

and on that note, i’m off to bed.  :)



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  1. How did I not know yesterday was your birthday? HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Slightly belated!

    (I am just now realizing that I could have easily pretended that I DID know but was unable to wish you a happy birthday due to hospital shenanigans. Curses!)

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