a fall week off.

i am off this week from work … and i am having the best time!!!   i’m cooking dinner every night … spending time with each of my furbabies … and doing a whole lotta sewing! :)  it’s my perfect week!

we were in lancaster over the weekend … and i visited some awesome quilt shops.  it’s probably a good thing that i am far from LQSs.  i would spend WAAAAY too much money!  :)  i did buy a few precuts and a couple of quilt books … but i didn’t go TOO out of control.

we stayed in a cool old converted factory.  tons of red brick!  it was really nice inside … lots of local art everywhere.  a tad over priced and a bit pretentious … but not a bad stay. :)

our hotel. cool, right?
our room

today i spent the entire day sewing.  it was PURE BLISS!!!!! :)  first i spent the day sewing charm squares into HSTs and piecing together this …

fabric is sandy gervais's grand finale by moda

but three charm packs got me here (i’m not using the purple or blue colorways) and i couldn’t decide if i wanted to stop here and make this a wall hanging or buy a few more charm packs and make this a quilt.  i am strongly leaning towards the charm packs/quilt idea.  :)  i’m sure dave will be thrilled!

while i debated this … i still had some sewing time left … so i pieced together this with some leftovers …


i am thinking about hand quilting this one … maybe.  depends on how quick i want this finished … i kinda want to hang it now!!! :)

my plans for the rest of the week?  sewing!!! :)  some more cooking … some family time.  reading.  napping.  :)  all good things!

have a great week everyone!!



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  1. That fall colour quilt is absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Thanks Linda!!

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