Greetings!! It’s been awhile … Sorry about that. Life just seems to speed up and whiz by me sometimes. But! Here I am with an update and some pictures … And blogging from my phone no less! How thoroughly modern of me, huh? ;-)

So first … Suckasunny Day! It was a success! Rain held off which I was extremely thankful for. And I sold a good amount of items … got pictures of my set up so I can apply to some shows that require that … And if I made a dollar for every time someone squealed “oh my gosh how cute!!” … Well, lets just say I’d have made much more money! :) So overall it was a great experience!! Here are a few pictures from the day …





Dave was such a good husband … Reading by my side the whole day and keeping me caffeinated! :) Love you honey!!

Lately I’ve been on a quest to organize and get on top of things … which soon spiraled into wanting to finish up some of the zillions of works in progress I have in my sewing room. There are so many!! Lol! No wonder I feel like I’m not getting anything done! It’s because I’m not!!!! Ha! :)

So … first up in my progress was finishing this afghan. I’ve probably worked on and off on this afghan for over 5 years! It’s made from super soft Lion Brand Homespun yarn … In colors that are all now discontinued!! Haha!! And I crocheted my very first scalloped edge border on it! So proud! :) I literally sat on the couch all day Sunday and decided I was FINISHING this before I went to bed. :) No exceptions!!!


Next up on the WIP list is another afghan. I had started crocheting solid color granny squares with the intention of sewing them together into a baby afghan. But I stopped when I decided I didn’t like the look of sc or whip stitching them together. Then I found this and adored how it looked. So now I have this …


And I’m loving how it’s turning out!! Yay!! :) I think I may crochet some flat yellow stars and appliqué them to a few blue squares just to jazz it up a bit. :) So fun!

I want to play with fabric so badly these days … oh and work on this gorgeousness …


too … But I had to stop this cycle of craft ADD and get some projects done! It feels so good to accomplish something!! :) Who knew?

So … What else? Autumn has arrived in my neck if the woods …


… But the humidity has been just brutal here! Hoping that changes soon. :) I’ve taken to wearing sweaters out of spite. Ha! It’s fall so I want sweaters and baking and hot drinks gosh darn it!!! So I’m gonna do it even if I’m sweating and sticky and completely uncomfortable! Hahaha! :)

I have some vacation coming up next weekend and I can not WAIT. We’re off to the country for a few days … and then I’m just spending the rest of my time off home! My favorite kind of vacation!! Baking and cleaning and organizing and reading and SEWING. :) Throw in a couple of mid-day naps … And life just doesn’t get any better for me!!!!

Ok well I think this is enough chatter for one post. Hopefully this whole blog from my phone thing works well … And then i can update a little more regularly!!! :)

Have a wonderful day everyone!!


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