diary of a hot day off.

it was hot today.  i mean HOT.  like over 100 ° in the shade.  and we only have air conditioning in the bedroom.  i tried so hard to work in the house – it was my day off and i hate to be unproductive!!  i tried to do a little cleaning, a little straightening, a little organizing.  but after about a half hour i crawled back to the air conditioning.  i literally spent the entire day in my bedroom.

(my work table today)

i crocheted, i read, i organized patterns and i poked around the internet.

(my piles of patterns, books, sketchbooks, etc …)

(and yes, it was only a matter of time before i knocked over that can of soda! :p)

after dave was done with work, he came in to the bedroom too and we watched the rest of the first season and the beginning of the second season of lost.  mittens refused to stay in the cool room with us for more than a few minutes.  she spent most of the day sleeping in the hot, stuffy hallway between the bedroom and offices.

every once in awhile, i ventured into my office … i REALLY wanted to play with my *toys* …

but it was just too darn hot in my office.

so, since i have a camera again … i just took pictures! :p

this weekend we are off to pennsylvania to visit our friend … and doing a little antiquing/craft show-ing/art show-ing.  :)  can’t wait!

here’s hoping you are keeping cool, wherever you are!!



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  1. Rachel Avatar

    I am glad to see I’m not the only one that color coordinates! :o)

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