Hi there folks! :)

Things over at here in Laizy-Daisy-Land are pretty good!  I am trying and praying for patience and understanding.  I am working hard at not letting my mind and my worries get the better of me.  I am eating better,  letting myself relax occasionally.  I’m still crazy …  but,  you know,  I’ll tackle that one a little later! :)

I am working on a few things over here.  I just sent my stuff over to the folks who run the Chester Craft Show!!! Fingers crossed!!  This is a huge awesome craft show in the Spring and the Fall …  it would be a great show to get my stuff out there.  I am also prepping my stuff for Renegade in Brooklyn as well.  So …  we’ll see what happens! :)

I am also trying (again) to open the Etsy shop.  I am off next week …  so my goal is to have that open by weeks end.  Maybe a few bunnies for the grand shop opening???  I’m thinking a few Easter and Spring goodies would be a nice way to reopen! :)

Thanks for stopping by today!  Have a wonderful day!



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