Well it’s about darn time!

Hi everyone!

Life has been …  busy to say the least!!!  And,  2 weeks ago I got just the most exciting news!  I was accepted into the Spring and the Fall Chester Craft Show!!!  I was dancing after I got that email!  For those of you who are not living in north Jersey,  the Chester Craft Show is one of the biggest shows in the state.  The Fall one,  especially,  has huge exposure and people come from all over the country to vend and shop!  I kind of sent in my stuff not really believing it was something I would get into …  but i got my acceptance only a week later!!!

With all the excitement aside,  I am crocheting like a mad woman …  and just don’t believe I will have enough stuff for the show on June 2nd and 3rd.  I am just so darn tired when I get home from work that it takes everything I have not to just pass out on the couch.  :(   But I guess that means I just have to be extra productive on days off,  like today!

And speaking of productive …

I FINALLY reopened the Etsy shop with some Easter bunnies!

visit the shop at http://www.etsy.com/shop/LaizyDaisyDesigns

I am so excited to have finally gotten some items done BEFORE the holiday they are meant for … and photographed and listed! :)  Of course,  while photographing the little bunnies I had a lot of this to deal with …

Maisie and Mittens … the helpers.

These two are cracking me up these days.  It only took a year for Mittens to warm up to a dog! :)

So anyway …  an Etsy shop opening and a couple of craft shows on the horizon! :)  Not too bad for a few weeks worth of work!  :)  Let’s hope I can keep the streak of productivity going!!

Well,  back to crocheting! :)  Have a great day!


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