so, here’s the plan.



so, april.


seven days into april, to be precise.  and oh how behind i am.

(but, to be fair, aren’t i always behind and scrambling??)

at the start of 2013 i felt like i had time in abundance to prepare for my spring craft shows.  i had so much time, i spent january and part of february working on some quilts (and, finishing one!!) and cross stitching.

la-dee-dah … everything was under control.

then, i lost the ENTIRE month of march to illness and thyroid-y fatigue.


nothing of real value was accomplished.

i am still stuggling with fatigue that i am attributing to thyroid problems (we’re working on it) … but i really don’t have the luxury of sleeping my days away anymore.

i already nixed applying to the Renegade Craft Show on the off chance i got in … and then would have to cancel when i didn’t have nearly the stock i would need.  we will try again for the november show.  i’m bummed but, well, what can you do.

so i only have the Chester Craft Show the first weekend in June to contend with right now.  i have 8 weeks to shape up and get my inventory together.

and so, i am going to play a little game with myself … and i’d love for you to follow along with me!

i made my list … i’ve mapped out my ambitious plans for what i want done before June 1st.

and we are going to see just how much i can accomplish in eight weeks. :)  i’m excited to see what i can do!

(and a wee bit nervous too, to be honest.  and a bit of worry thrown in, as always!! can’t forget the worry!)

my plan is this:

monday thru thursday will be for crochet … with friday set aside for assembly.  and i want to try and document my progress on the blog here every couple of days so you can see my progress.  :)  maybe a midweek check-in for a “hey! look at my growing pile of crocheted pieces!!” and an end of the week “hey! look at all the completed items!” post.

i’m in for long days of yarn … and probably some sore wrists!!  but it’ll be worth it!!

oh and i’m accepting any and all donations of caffeine and tylenol!! :)

already, ready?  here we go!  see you midweek!



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