Location, location.


Happy Thursday from the Spellaman Beach House!! It’s a breezy 70 degrees here and we are having a nice break. Well … Maybe break isn’t the right word. Dave is still monitoring work and has had to take a few phone calls … and when my sinuses aren’t driving me crazy (darn you seasonal changes!), I’m crocheting for a few upcoming shows and custom orders. So maybe … location change is a better way to describe it. But it’s a gorgeous and peaceful place … so whatever you call it, it’s great and I am thankful!


We’ve been biking with the Maisie puppy … we even took her to dinner last night! Oh and she’s acquired a Halloween costume … So you can definitely classify us as crazy puppy parents. :)


I’ve been working on some seasonal items (see above at my new turkey friend!) and, if I can ever catch up on customs and show work, I’d love to be able to throw some into the shop.

Huh. All of a sudden … BOOM! … I have a business!!! :-) All of a sudden it’s not “I’ll open my Etsy store when I have the time … it’s as soon as I make all my customs and have a break from show work!! I sure am thankful for that!! Now my head just needs to stop hurting so I can get a move on!

Ok well off I go … if you ever want to see anything in my blog posts or gallery you’d like, just drop me a line and we’ll make something happen, ok?

Take care! Talk soon!!



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  1. Paula Capri Keyak Avatar
    Paula Capri Keyak

    Hi, Jess.
    I am a friend of Dave’s from HP. We were IM’ing today and he mentioned that you’d be at the Tewksbury festival on Saturday. Wish I could make it but I already have plans. Just wanted to say hello!

    All of your Amigurumi’s are soooo cute. I’m not sure how you sell them. I would get way too attached.

    Good luck with your festival.

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