~*fall girl*~


I may be *slightly* in love with the next few months.  I adore wearing cozy sweaters, having a fire in the fireplace every night, hot drinks, knee-high socks and spicy candles.  And, since my newest obsession is taking pictures with my digital camera (which we’ve had for like 3 years!!), my newest love is taking pictures … of the season … and of my sewing and crocheting supplies because, let’s be honest, the cat and dog are moving a little too quickly for me to actually get a shot just yet (figuring out the f-stops and isos and if things are in focus … too fast!!!).

So I know I am kind of taking the same picture over and over … but I am learning!!!  I still may not know exactly what I am doing … but my pictures aren’t coming out terrible.



Right now, unfortunately, all other projects are on hold until I get a good level of stock under my belt.  I have 4 holiday shows between October 31st and the second weekend in December … and I want to have a great representation of all my holiday items.  I’m having a great time working on things … but I feel like I am working really slow these last few days.  I’m going to blame all the medication I am currently on!!

But, in order to dedicate as much time as possible to my work … all quilts and cross stitch items must be placed on hold.  I am bummed as I have two autumn quilts that need to be completed … and I would love to have made a christmas quilt too … but I just can’t afford to work on that now.  Soon though!!!



Hope you are having a magical fall day! I’ll have a few new items to show off in a few days! Stay Tuned!!! :)



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