2015 update.

Hello!  I’ve never been much of a blogger … but since it’s been over a year and a half since an update, I thought I’d pop in and say hi!

This year is a bit of a different year for me, business-wise.  We are expecting out first baby in mid October (YAY!!!) but that will mean an abbreviated show schedule for me.  I updated my “Upcoming Show” page to post the dates of my two confirmed shows so far – both the spring and fall Chester shows in Chester, NJ – but that may be it for the year.  Not only do I not want to stress myself out with preparing for holiday shows when I’d rather be enjoying the first few months of baby time, I also want some free time to make some things for this kid!! :)  So those two shows might be it for me this year.  There is a tiny chance I’ll be doing a show in early December … but I won’t be making that decision for a few months yet.

I am the most active on Instagram and Facebook these days, please follow the links on my homepage to follow me there!!! :)  And, as always, if you see something you’d like or want to discuss custom work, please contact me on either of those outlets or email me at daisy {at} thelaizydaisy {dot} com.

Thanks for checking in with me!



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