a great october day.


today was a stormy, cozy day.  it was a little damp and humid … but i chose to pretend that this was not the case and lit spicy candles and wore a cardigan and drank hot coffees!!  oh and dave just lit a fire in the fireplace.  even if the weather doesn’t feel like october, it is definitely october in our house!!


after getting some chores done, i settled in to do a bit of work … and marveled at the fact that the leaves are just falling and i am already crocheting scarves and hats for my little critters and teddy bears!  i’m not rushing the season … just crocheting the items that i will need for all my holiday shows.  i guess i will always need to be a step or two ahead the next season!


i have so many other projects i am working on … but everything needs to take a backseat to my crocheting right now.  i really want to be well prepared for the holiday shows and online sales.  i feel like october is the time to really catch up … because once november hits, life gets crazy!!

in other news, i’ve had to take a little running sabatical. i am so disappointed!!  a few weeks before my 5k i pulled my right hamstring and never really gave it a lot of time to heal.  i ran on it a few times right after i hurt it … then took a week off … then ran for another week or so in preparation for the 5k … and my leg finally rebelled.  :(  it’s been pretty painful on and off and last week i tried to stretch it out before a run and just couldn’t deal with the pain.  so i am taking a break.  and it’s soooo hard!!  if you told me three months ago that i was going to struggle with NOT running, i’d have told you you had a screw loose!!

there’s a 5k october 20th that i was planning on running … but now i am just going to have to take it easy and wait and see.  i also planned on running the turkey trot thanksgiving morning in sparta with dave and my sister and sister-in-law … that might have to be the next goal instead of the one this month.  boooo.  i was like “c’mon body!  you’ve been at rest for 36 years!  can’t you give me a few months of running before you conk out?!?!”  haha.  i just hope it heals soon.  i miss my running time!!

i’ve also been spending some time trying to figure out our digital slr.  i have no idea what i’m doing … f-stops and iso really confound me … so i just turn dials until i get something i like! haha!  real technical, huh?  but i am having so much fun!  maybe someday i will figure it out! :)

i hope you are having a great october-y day filled with coziness and a hot chocolate!!  this is the best time of year!!!






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