dear week,

i have dubbed thee …


my goal is, by saturday, to have as many completed crocheted coaster sets as i possibly can.

i am prepping for a little show in September.  it’s a little local festival that i tried to do 2 years ago and got rained out.  i needed to do another small, inexpensive show, however, because a lot of the big shows require pictures of your products and booth set up.  well, uhhh, i don’t really have that since i haven’t done many shows.  so i figured i would sign up for a small show, get as much accomplished as i can, and then use it to focus on getting a really good set up done and photographed.

so … i’m on to coasters!  i will report back with pictures of the completed works! :)

have a good day!


2 responses to “dear week,”

  1. I love these! Oh, I have such crochet envy. I simply can. not. crochet. I’ve tried, read books, tried more, and just can’t do it. Every time I see one of you talented crocheters I am so envious. Especially anyone capable of anything granny square-esq. Keep it up!

  2. dear jessica,
    I want to make these coasters for my friend’s birthday, i just taught her to crochet and I’d love to give her something to inspire her. is there any way i could get your wonderful pattern for these? i love them!!!!!

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