Mittens and I having a quiet morning with coffee and yarn.

maybe i am growing up.


every once in awhile, i wake up at a normal hour … like 9am or so (not the usual noon or later as i have been known to do).

and i decide that, rather than rolling over and trying for a few more hours of sleep (because it’s my day OFF, darn it, so i should be able to sleep till NOON!) … maybe i will get up and enjoy the morning.

(because, even though i am a night person and even though i ADORE sleep … i love quiet mornings.  sunny or rainy.  i love the tick of the clock, that first sip of coffee, that snuggle with mittens before tornado maisie is released from her crate.)

… i then start to think about craft projects … or watering my plants … or just enjoying those first few quiet morning hours … and i roll out of bed and mittens and i head downstairs to the coffee pot.

and a moment like this makes me love this time even more …

so i am going to go back to my coffee and my yarn now … i hope you have a great morning!




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