balancing act.

sunset at ffreyes beach in antigua.

and so, tomorrow i go back to the real world.  the real world shift begins at 1pm.  i enjoy my home time so much that i am really sad to see this wonderful break end.  i am super thankful that i had the time to take and a flexible job that allowed me to take off 2 1/2 weeks!  but i get so much more accomplished at home with the extra time off!

laundry is all caught up.  house is clean and neat.  i’m crocheting (and i would be sewing if my machine didn’t jam up … grumble grumble).  i cooked this for dinner (which, anyone who knows me, this is a HUGE accomplishment!  i cooked!  and it was good!  and dave cleaned his plate!! :o).  i was SO MEANT to be a homemaker.  :)  food shopping, meal planning, cooking, baking, cleaning, organizing … this is what i was made for! :o)  i’ve always told dave i’d be happiest barefoot and pregnant!

so happy and blessed to be a wife.

but … for now, i work full time.  i am flying quickly into the busiest time of the year for a retail manager.  i want to focus on doing well for my store, my employees and my boss.  at the same time,  i also want to keep myself sane and keep up the house and the cooking and the creating.  not exactly sure how to achieve all of this … and still get my precious precious sleep.  it would be so much easier if i didn’t absolutely ADORE sleeping.  the cold cold nights that are hear now …  a cozy bed filled with quilts and comforters … lots of pillows … snuggled up against my stinky husband and my sweet sweet kitty … ahhh … blisssssss!

sorry, i got carried away with the whole bed thing ……. :o)

anyway!  i need to work very hard at balance.  work balance.  life balance.  planning dinner in advance (thanks for the idea, Crystal!) so it’s not a last minute “what’s for dinner oh we’ll just do takeout again” decision.  keeping up with the cleaning and organizing so things don’t pile up.  above all else, MAKING time for crafting … because that keeps me sane and calm and feeling the best about myself.

well … here’s to the real world … here’s to balance … here’s to some more creating … here’s to thanking God for this blessed life i’m living.  :)

have a great week everybody!



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  1. Good luck with balancing everything and if you figure out how to accomplish that, please let me in on the secret!! ;-) We tried meal planning…we found that it ended up being easier just making sure we had a bunch of different things in the kichen…and then decide the night before/day of what we’d have for dinner.

    The dinner you cooked sounds good! I’m impressed!

    And I completely agree about being home. I love home! :-)

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