thank you.

i hope everyone had a splendid and cozy christmas! :) mine was truly wonderful … on so many levels.  it just always seems to go a little faster than i would wish.  because i work christmas eve and then the day after christmas, the festivities are never truly relaxed  …  just kind of sandwiched in between shifts.  :( but … i wouldn’t have given up any of our christmas visits or traditions for the world! :)  and we had a fabulous season … with new year’s to still look forward to!

on christmas eve, i went to mom and dad’s for beef fondue and Bing Crosby in White Christmas.  it was just supposed to be the three of us since stacie and kyle were spending it with their significant other’s families and dave was going to see his family since it would be too late by the time i got out of work.  but, dave surprised me by showing up!  my parents knew, of course, that his plans changed and he was going to have dinner with us … but he wanted to surprise me.  little things like that touch me more than anything else. :)  so the four of us dined and watched white christmas and visited.  it was really nice and relaxing.  once we got home we lit a little fire and opened our presents to each other by the lights of our DEAD and PETRIFIED christmas tree (it died like 3 days after we brought it home!  it never drank any water!  and, instead of losing a lot of needles, it’s like completely frozen in time. :()

anyway,  dave got me a hat and sock knitting loom and a knitting and crochet book, some kawaii paperchase items (cupcake magnets! bookmarks! notebook and pencils and pencil cup!), my very first pink polo sweater (i’m a real Spellman now!), a purple booklight because he stole mine (but of course, I bought him one too, because he stole mine, so now we have THREE!), and a gift certificate to the amazing country craft store in Hackettstown. :o)  plus, my BIG GIFT, which I will talk about in a minute … :)

on christmas day, we are usually up by 6am … but, thank the Lord, not this year!!!  i got to sleep in till about 930am since we decided to do the Bisignani Christmas in the evening rather than first thing in the morning.  and, although kyle and i were a little grumbly about “loss of tradition” … it was a blast and i think it will be done this way from now on! :)  so Dave and I went to his parents around noon and had a wonderful good time with his family.  such a blessed difference than last year! :)  then we swung by pop pop’s for the Caracciolo side of the holiday … and that was a lot of fun, as usual.  SO.MUCH.FOOD.  :)  then we drove up to mom and dad’s, everyone got in their jammies, and we opened presents for hours.  :)  we had coffee and coffee cake, lots of love and present-giving excitement.  i wish i hadn’t  had to leave but we had to finally hit the road at 1030pm because i had work in the morning. DX

all in all, we all had a blessed, happy and wonderful christmas! :)  and we had a nice day after christmas snowstorm. AND i had yesterday off which was WONDERFUL!!! :)  i got to sleep in till NOON and, since PA didn’t receive nearly as much snow as NJ did, we were able to go and get my christmas present ….  MY NEW SEWING MACHINE!!!!!  EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

it’s just … amazing.  and all i’ve been doing is sewing straight lines with it.  i can’t wait to start quilting with it!! :)  it’s a brother laura ashley nx2000.  it has ridiculous features like automatic backstitching, cutting, etc.  when i begin using it to quilt, it sews diagonal and side to side without having to turn the fabric.  it’s … a dream.  i am in love.  sorry honey!! ;o)  i am trying to quickly finish piecing the holiday wall hanging i started a few weeks ago so i can start trying all out the quilting features. :)


i am blessed and so thankful.  i thank God for my life, my blessings, my family and friends.  i thank God for my job and Dave’s job during a time when so many struggle.  i’ve lead a very blessed life … and i know it and wonder why i’ve been so blessed and while some struggle mightily.  why was i lucky enough to have loving parents who stayed together and, underneath everything, loved each other and created an awesome home for me and my sister and brother?  who did without so we could have everything.  who loved us unconditionally and supported us  through everything and anything, even if they had reservations.  who loved me through a disaster of a time … when i felt my entire life had just exploded.  who, now that we are grown, have become friends to us … whom we LOVE to get together with and have great times together.  who have been with me every step of the way and supported and loved and made me laugh.  and i thank God for getting through a horrible period in my life … i latched onto Him even though i was feeling anything but loved and carried by the Lord.  He brought me through it … and saw me to the other side … and blessed me with a brand-new life that is amazing beyond all comprehension.  i thank God everyday for my husband and our life together.  :)  i am one blessed girl!

AND NOW!  i look towards the new beginning that is 2011!  i love new years because, to me, it just represents so many new beginnings and fresh starts! :)  i love the idea that everyone can begin anew.  right all the wrongs.  take a deep breath, jump out of bed and create the REAL you … the one that lives inside your head and is struggling to get out!  i know you can do this any day … but i just feel the start of a new year is an extra special time for it! :)  so, Happy New Year to you all! :)


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