Plans for 2011.

Wait.  2 posts in as many days?  Who is this girl?  Hmmm … maybe I will actually get some regular blog traffic if I actually update this thing more than once a month.  What do you think?

Work has been … a challenge.  So busy.  But not making any money.  And tons of people coming into the store with their e-reader issues and after holiday returns. And they are all so crabby!  Why is that??  Didn’t we just have a glorious holiday?  And, even if you don’t celebrate Jesus or Santa … well, it was a day off wasn’t it???  :/ Ah well, as THEY say, “It is what it is.”  I just look forward to the calm winter days again.  Or a day off.

SPEAKING of a day off … 2 1/2 more shifts until I have a 5 day break.  OHMYGOSHICAN’TWAITTOHAVETIMEOFF.  :o)

Well, this here post is my plan for 2011.  My plans for the year I want to have … the things I want to do and accomplish … the person I want to be in 2011.  “Resolutions” is over-used and under-accomplished … so I am not calling them that.  This is just a list of things I would love to do/be/work towards in 2011.  :o)


*  FINALLY get that Etsy shop up and running again!

I had grand plans to do this before December.  And I did accomplish a good amount of work.  But then I started to nit-pick … and, well, I talked myself right out of opening.  But … between my crocheted critters and my quilting … I can do this.  I just need to amass a bit of an inventory before I can reopen.  Let’s get this show on the road.  Oh and that also means I can’t keep every quilt and quilted project I make.  THAT’S not going to be easy!!!

* Lose weight again.

*sigh*  I lost 20+ pounds on Weight Watchers for the wedding.  I’ve been eating however I please since October 16th … and now it shows.  I’ve gained it all back.  :(  So … back onto the diet horse again.  IT’S JUST NOT FAIR!!!!  WHY DO I GAIN WEIGHT SO EASILY????  :(  ok, I’ve gotten that out of my system for the time being.  January 1st is back to a diet.  booooooooo.

*  Take more pictures.

I have an amazing point and shoot camera and we bought a digital slr before our honeymoon.  I love photography.  I love nature.  We live in an area where we are surrounded by nature … and there is a State Park down the street from me.  LETS TAKE SOME PICTURES.  I’m even considering doing one of those 365 projects on here … to keep me blogging regularly and taking pictures.  But I am afraid of failure.  Ahhh … I see a theme here … maybe that should be next on my list …


enough said?

*  Daily Devotional / Bible Reading.

Again, I start these all the time.  I never end up accomplishing much.  Things fall by the wayside … I have such a hard time sticking to things.  But, again, maybe if I use this blog to quote a verse or devotional … it’ll keep me a little more regular??  Let’s see what we can do …

Well … I think that is plenty for the moment … right?  Yeah … let’s see how far we can get from here … January 1st is the BIG DAY!  :o)

Happy New Year!



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  1. You are a very ambitious young lady! Good luck w/ it all and I’m very impressed that you even remotely know how to work that new sewing machine of yours. It’s beautiful! Let’s try to get together in Jan either here or out, ok? xoxo

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