Hmmm. Once again it’s been eons since my last post. Sorry guys … someday I’ll figure out this whole regular blogging thing. :)

So … let’s do a bit of an update, shall we? It’s December 12th. Already! 12 more days to Christmas day. How did that happen? My shopping is done for the most part.  I have yet to begin wrapping and writing out my cards tho.  I’m in the midst of 75 different craft projects for presents and just keep believing I’ll finish them in time … somehow. I also decided to make a quilted Christmas wall hanging for our foyer area that I would like to finish before our Boxing Day party. So, you know, there’s all of that.

Oh yeah, and I have one day off between now and Christmas day … and that’s our annual day in NYC. So nothing is getting done that day.  I’m looking forward to our trip … and spending a day playing in the city with Dave. :)  But it makes me sad to think that’s the last day off for awhile … and makes me wonder how I can possibly get everything done in time?!?!?!

And I never reopened my Etsy shop for the holidays. I had 3 teddy bears and maybe 6 bird ornaments done … but as soon as I was ready … I started self-destructing. Pictures weren’t good enough. That one bear looks wonky. Maybe the birds really aren’t as good as I thought they were. Maybe I should have a better selection of items before reopening the shop. *sigh* … and so, my shop doors remain shuttered.  I am bummed.  I’m still crocheting … with plans to get the shop open at some point.  I just bought a book to teach me Adobe Illustrator … so I can finally learn how to create my logo and designs on my computer.  I am still working towards my goal … life just continues to get in my way.

Hmmm.  What else?  I just finished a sweet Amish religious fiction book.

It is called Grace by Shelley Shepard Gray and was a sweet Christmas tale.  I highly recommend it if you are looking for a nice, leisurely read for the holiday season!! :)  And a tale that will really remind you about the reason for the season.  :)

Ok, I am struggling tonight.  I wanted to accomplish something … and i did crochet for an hour or two when i got home from work before dinner.  But then I ate (roast chicken, gravy, potato, stuffing, and biscuits!!!! yum!) and now the fire and a full belly are mellowing me out.  The football game is on, Dave is rubbing my feet and lulling me to sleep.  I have to learn how to be productive before work or I will never get my projects done before Christmas day!!  Help!  I either need someone to find my doppleganger and put her to work at the bookstore … or I need some crochet elves.

Well, thanks for stopping by … hopefully it won’t be another month before my next posting.  Hope your Christmas preparations are going along smoothly and you are enjoying the season!!!



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  1. Honey u have to stop being so hard on yourself. U r the crchet fairy and I wouldn’t like a dopperhanger of u keep up the great work… Luv u

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