Sewing in the sunshine.


I am not a morning person. At all. At all at all. I wish I was … mornings are peaceful and fresh and quiet. Contemplative. A new beginning.

But me in the morning? Um … not exactly that picturesque. Think crazy frizzy hair and bumbling around until a caffeine IV has been installed.

One of the benefits to getting up early and working the early shift, however, is coming home to daylight. That kinda makes the whole bumbling/want to kill my alarm clock thing worth it.

I came home yesterday to sunshine and my family waiting for me on the porch. Dave had dinner plans so I sat in the white rocking chair, sipping my iced coffee, watched the pets wander and play and crocheted till the sun slipped behind the mountains.



It was … food for the soul. Made me thank God for … well, just about everything!



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