rainy work-in-progress wednesday!

taken on a day when we actually had a little sunshine! :)

it was a  cool rainy wednesday today.  we’ve had a lot of rain as of late … and i do miss sunshine and outside time … but boy there is nothing i like more than sewing the afternoon away and listening to the rain against the house and trees.  so … i may be the only one … but i am LOVING the rainy weather!!! :)  i would like a little sun on sunday so i can work in the yard a bit though … the neighbors might start to think we’ve abandoned the place!  the dandelions and weeds just explode in this rainy weather!!!

so i’ve been sick for a few weeks with seasonal allergies and bronchitis.  several doctors trips and a whole mess o pills … and i am finally back on my feet.  not 100% but better enough to be able to get back into the sewing room!  i’ve missed it sew! (sorry, i couldn’t resist!!)

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

i’ve been visiting a lot of quilty blogs lately … and have been following this wednesday piece regularly … and thought, “hey, i have a few WIPs … maybe i will do that this week!

so yesterday i counted how many WIP’s i had … and i have to say i was a little embarassed.

i am working on seven things.  SEVEN.  um.  and i have like 3 more things sketched out and fabric set aside.

maybe i should finish something, huh?

ok … here’s the list.  and since my camera is missing a memory chip (MAISIE!!!!) i will post a few repeat pics of the quilts and projects in progress.


1. mug rug swap


why does the binding look so wonky??? i swear it's not nearly as … lumpy in real life!

this is actually done and ready to ship!  i clipped the threads this afternoon.  off it goes (embarrassingly late!) tomorrow to my partner!  hope she likes it!!


2.  mom’s lap quilt

binding is cut and sewn … just hand stitching the back now! :)


3.  rainy day quilt

squares and sashing all cut … just piecing it all now.

4.  three wall hangings


these three wall hangings … i sewed the binding on the bottom one … just waiting to go buy some orange thread tomorrow to hand sew this one up!


5. sherbet pips charm quilt ~ no pictures yet but in progress.

6.  dave’s space invader quilt ~ no pictures yet … squares are being cut!

7. orange and white quilt

considering hand quilting this one … not sure what to do with it … so, it sits.


is that it?  gosh i hope that’s it.  this doesn’t count the TWO others that have fabric set aside on my cutting table … so i’m just going to stop now.  :)  my goal is to finish SOMETHING in the next few days before starting ANYTHING new.  lol.  :)


3 responses to “rainy work-in-progress wednesday!”

  1. Love your wall hangings, those are all so cute! The rainy days quilt looks adorable as well. Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday. : )

  2. You’re right…it isn’t as “lumpy” in person….it’s beautiful!!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you for the mug rug!! It’s already found a home on my living room coffee table. :)

  3. I love rainy days too, and sunny days that I can be outside as well, BUT I do love those rainy days so I can go off into the ‘stewdio’ like I did this weekend and not be torn by being inside if it’s nice outside. :/ Any whoo, I love all of your projects, girl! I just recently got the most urgent craving to piece/quilt/applique, whatever! and I’m neglecting husband/house/hounds to scratch this itch for as long as the urge is there. :D I’m so glad I found your blog—I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my ‘visit’. :)

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