I’ve been bad at everything lately.  Bad at sewing.  Bad at blogging.  Bad at taking pictures (but that has a lot to do with the fact that Maisie ate my sd card).  Bad at the internets in general (but that has a lot to do with the fact that Maisie ate my laptop power cord).

Yeah.  It’s been like that.

We are also having some work done to our house.  It’s going to be amazing when it’s all finished.

But right now our kitchen table is in the den.  The salt and pepper shakers on top of the washing machine.  Drying rack in the library.

I’ll be thrilled when everything is settled and back to normal.

And clean.  I miss clean.

I joined like 75 quilt alongs … started all of them and didn’t make it past the first few weeks.  My craft room has been neglected. I’m in the middle of 58 other projects as well.  I need to settle and then focus on one thing at a time.  Get something done.

I also leave for a week down the shore in a week!  I can not wait.  I need the break from work so bad!!

Yeah so that’s all I have.

I’m working on getting better. :)



2 responses to “bad.”

  1. Mef Gannon Avatar
    Mef Gannon

    You’re not Bad. That’s the title of a Michael Jackson song. You are a wonderful creative person who is fitting life and creativity into a busy schedule. Work sucks. We just have to do the best we can. Vacation will do you good! :)

  2. Wow I wish I was a creative as you! I still have a quilt I started in 1998 just sitting there collecting dust!

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