June 2nd and June 3rd.


My first major craft show, the Chester Spring Craft Fair, has come and gone … and I must say, I’m pretty pleased with myself!! :-)


The weather held out for us even though it threatened thunderstorms all week long!


I definitely didn’t have the amount of items that I would have liked … I knew that with a two month window, it was going to be tough. And some of the booths there are just overflowing in product! But, even with my small showing, I sold over half my items and got a few small customs to boot!


Everyone who stopped by to look spoke about how cute the items were … So I suppose that means I’m doing a decent job. :-)


I sold out of the birds! I even managed to crochet one while I was in between customers … and she sold before the day was over!!

These guys were pretty popular too …


And here I thought I’d be able to relax once the show was over … But all I’m thinking of is all the items I want for the fall show!!! No rest for the weary!!

I do have some items left over … and hope to get them into my Etsy shop in the next week or two. Feel free to email me if you are looking for something particular!!


Thanks for everyone’s love and support … and now, onward to the next show!


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