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hello hello!  :)  i am back from the great beyond!  it’s been forever, you guys!  how’ve you been?  i’ve been supa sick for the past year.  ok, it was only a little over a week … but it felt like a year.  but i’m back, Praise the Lord!!!

yesterday i went out shopping for some ski clothes because we are planning a ski weekend next weekend! :)  it’s hopefully going to be all the siblings.  i am SURE it will be an adventure no matter what!  and yes, rest assured, you’re clutzy blogger DID buy a helmet for her winter weekend fun.  :)  i should probably be wearing it everyday!

i spent the super bowl evening in front of the fire with my hubby … and spent the whole game cutting out fabric for a few projects. :)  it was the first time i did something crafty in over a week … and it felt awesome to get back into it! :o)  i can’t wait to start sewing!!

i did spend the bulk of my awake hours last week in bed or on the couch … and surfing crafty blogs and shops.  dangerous, to say the least!!  i saw a TON of beautiful fabric and yarn and patterns to try for both.  i am SO inspired, to say the least … and now that i am feeling about 98% better … let’s get a MOVE ON!!!!  lol.

just a few pictures to share (since i am IGNORING the fact that i started several photo blog challenges, among other things, and probably died out by the 5th day of January!!  if i ignore it, it never happened, right???)

in the last few weeks, we’ve had a LOT of snow!!! :)  which i am LOVING!  i mean, today is a little warmer and i heard some birds chirping this morning when i woke up … and the stores are stocking the shelves with pretty pastels … so  i am craving a bit of Spring.  but, for now, i am just enjoying the snow in my country home!

back yard
front yard

mittens has a new favorite sleep spot.  my scraps are gonna be SO cat-haired …

"oh hellosh." (yes, Mittens has a bit of a lisp.)

and, right before i got sick, i discovered one the bestest blogs!  it’s called ps i quilt … and i am in love!!  rachel was in the middle of a quilt-along (which, for some reason, i can not resist a quilt-along!) … and she was using the BEST fabrics ever!!!  so, um, i ordered them.  like immediately.  lol.  and, even though i am in the midst of like 8 projects … i am adding this to my list.

the fabrics are sunkissed by moda … and talk about dreaming of Spring!!!!!!

this crap picture does not do this yummy fabric justice! trust me … or go to The Fat Quarter Shop and see for yourself!

so, there you have it.  i was sick.  it snowed a lot.  i worked and slept.  i surfed the internet and bought a teensy bit of fabric.  that, in a nutshell, has been my last few weeks.

what have you been up to?


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