my life … in (no) pictures.

I love blogs with lots of pictures and colors.

Not in that “its 1995 and I just learned basic web design and, did you know, you make everything spin and flash and sparkle????” way. Just in a sneakpeak into someone’s life kind of way.

So when I decided to enter the blogosphere, I decided my blog would have tons of pictures. Taken by me! Of my home and my yard and pets and husband.

And my crafts. Lots of pictures of my crafts.

I mean, unless you are a professional or just a really awesome writer … you open a blog with lots of text and you immediately think


(“Too long; didn’t read” for those not in the “know”)

Am I right??

This is one of the main reasons I don’t blog regularly. (Oh, hi, excuses. I didn’t see you there.)

Because I don’t have any good pictures to add. Or I have pictures that haven’t been Picnik-ed. Or I’m on break at work and don’t have my laptop to add a picture.

So right now, because I’ve been meaning to blog for days and haven’t … I’m blogging from work. On my phone. With no pictures.

My phone has a keyboard and I’m quite the texter so the typing isn’t a problem.

Its just the whole, “people are going to open this page and see no pictures and just move on.”

Cuz, honestly, that’s what I do. Sometimes.

Ok, most of the time.

Unless its a blog I REALLY love.

So … are YOU still reading???


3 responses to “my life … in (no) pictures.”

  1. Lol! I’m attempting to get back into blogging, and pictures are one of the things holding me back, too. Remember back when it used to be such a pain to have to take pictures and then wait a whole hour for them to be developed?! Now it’s too much effort to move my memory card from my camera to my laptop. Sigh.

  2. no excuses. :) just do it. :) but either way it’s nice to read. :)

  3. I did it Crystal! :)

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