Just finished my new bear pattern …

Meet Kamoku the Shy Bear!
and I think it’s the best one I’ve made so far, if I do say so myself!!!  I am in love with this little guy!
I had developed my own pattern last year … and even sold a few … but began to dislike the proportions.  i wanted my bear to be a little chubbier.  a little more round as apposed to thin, long limbs and body-shape.  so i started experimenting and dreaming … and …
Kamoku was born!!
day 4 of Project 365
Kamoku is a shy guy and is wearing his best bowtie to try and impress a sweet little girl (who’s pattern is on the way!!) (Kamoku is Japanese for shy, by the way.)
I’m developing a whole story and cast of characters in my head (yes, this is what goes on in my head) … and I’m looking forward to crafting Kamoku in different outfits, his little girlfriend and their friends!!
Hope you had a nice day!! :)



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