busy bee.

Busy weekend! I had my cousin’s baby shower, visiting with my godmother who was visiting from Florida, an unexpected shift I had to take at work, a wake for my sister-in-law’s uncle and dinner with my Dad’s family to celebrate Christmas. I came home last night and collapsed! Aside from the wake, it was all fun and good … but just busy! :)

My secret craft project that I worked on all week was a quilt for my cousin’s shower. I think it came out ok … it got a great reaction from the guests … but the second I wrap something up for a gift, I become riddled with self-doubt. And I never trust my family to tell me the truth … I just assume they say it looks nice because they have to. But, like I said, a few of the girls were asking if I would take custom orders … so, even if nothing comes from that, people wouldn’t ask that if it looked like something a child would have made, right??

Oh and i’d post pictures here BUT I FORGOT TO TAKE SOME!!! Can you believe that??? I finshed it on time … finishing sewing the binding on by Friday on break. I came home from closing, washed and dried it and it was ready to be wrapped up Saturday morning. Showed my family, put it in the gift bag and brought it to the shower. While sitting and eating the yummy Italian food the was served, I realized I didn’t take a single picture and had forgotten my camera. I couldn’t believe it!!! How dumb of me. So I have no pictures to post here. :( I’m thinking of emailing her and asking for a picture … but I hate to impose. Ah well, we’ll see. I’ll probably send a note anyway.

Now that the quilt is done and given, I’m refocusing my energies on my Amigurumi. I’m done with all the parts of Hakiri Yume (the girl bear) except for her dress. That process & learning experience will get started tonight. :) And then, with the prototypes done, I can start making them for etsy! :) I would love to have a few up for Valentine’s Day … and I have the dates for Renegade in June (I was wait-listed last year …) so that’s what I’m working towards. :)

Finishing that quilt on time was … a refreshing experience for me! I hardly ever make gifts for people because I know myself and I’ll procrastinate until I’m rushing to get something done. I either feel I did a poor job and not give it … or I don’t finish it at all. This quilt was started awhile ago for someone else. I procrastinated and, obviously, barely got it pieced, let along quilted & finished before the shower. I worked on it off and on … but didn’t know how I wanted to finish it or quilt it so it sat on my shelves.

When I received Monica’s shower invite … I thought the quilt would be perfect. I figured out how I wanted to finished it, got through the insanity of Christmas and worked on it come January 1st. I even made a sort of major mistake early in the week, cutting the binding strips too small. I didn’t panic or scrap it. I just bought more fabric and started over. I hand embroidered hearts too … because I knew my machine skills weren’t that strong yet and it would just bring on frustration.

And so, I completed it on time. No all-nighters followed by a rush trip to Babies-R-Us the morning of the shower. :) This was a new (and nice!!) feeling for me! Let’s hope this the new me of 2011! ;)


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