I think that sometimes there is a misconception about spas. Granted we live in a workaholic society that thinks taking time for a massage or facial is an indulgence, but I can assure you that the majority of us in the business see the primary benefit is to offer a healing experience. Touch and relaxation are powerful tools for getting back to one’s authentic self.

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Spa Lifestyle integrates this sense of healing and well being into all aspects of our life. For example, by changing my perception that I was the boss to realizing that I was in service to my co-workers, I not only created more harmony, but revitalized my passion for the business. We all have the potential to change our circumstances by changing our perceptions.

How can we take a sense of well being into all aspects of our life? There are a variety of ways. For some it may take the form of transparent communication. Speaking the truth can free one from resentment, which can be healing, and ultimately create greater intimacy. Bringing greater harmony to all aspects of our life is what I mean by Spa Lifestyle. The spa is great, but bring the sense of healing and well being to your home, workplace, relationships and most importantly to yourself.


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