Craft Show Wrap Up.

So if every craft show I do, I make a little more money than my previous shows, network with some new people, get some great feedback (and a custom order or two) and have a few repeat customers come back to me to buy something else … I think that’s a success, right??

(I forgot my real camera that weekend … so please excuse all the iPhone photos!!)


Definitely had more items and more variety this show.  More birds for the fall show!!


I always love how colorful the displays are!


Toadstools and ice cream sold really well!!  (Both were new items this show.)


More bears coming for the fall and holiday shows!


Little critters are always popular.


Turtles were definitely a big hit!  I have to make a bunch more in a variety of colors for the future shows … they were the highest selling item … and always caught this eyes of passerbys! :)

So it was a great success and the weather held out for us! :)  I’m really looking forward to making some new items (fall! halloween! christmas!!) for the fall show … and then all the shows leading up to Christmas.  How crazy is it that I only have 2 and half months till the fall Chester show!!!



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